Smoked Salmon Roll

The Smoked Salmon Roll is a love affair of smoke and salt, a symphony of flavors that will steal your heart with every bite. It's a delicate dance of creamy and rich, of silky and smooth, each layer a delicate caress of the palate. Imagine the luscious smoked salmon, imbued with the gentle kiss of wood smoke, paired with the bright and creamy avocado. The rice, a soft and supportive bed, holds it all together in a simple yet elegant package. The nori, like a delicate ribbon, ties it all up in a beautiful bow of oceanic flavor. Each bite is a moment of pure bliss, a celebration of the artisan's craft. Whether you enjoy it with a splash of soy sauce, a pinch of capers, or simply as is, the Smoked Salmon Roll is a true romance of taste.

Ingredients:Calrose rice, Avocados, Cucumber, Fish, salmon, chinook, smoked, Cream Cheese (Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Guar Gum), Ginger, Water, Sugar, Salt, Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Horseradish, mustard flour, corn flour, corn starch, Seaweed.

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