Evelyn Chang BSc RD CPT

Registered Dietitian

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Hello, my name is Evelyn Cheng and I am the Registered Dietitian behind Eatuitive Nutrition Calgary. I believe that everyone can benefit from formal dietitian counselling. The same philosophies that help elite athletes achieve optimal performance can be applied to our full, urban lifestyles. Whether I am working with athletes on a sports nutrition program or helping busy, working professionals tune into their natural hunger and satiety rhythms, my approach to nutrition is grounded in mindful practices.

At Eatuitive Nutrition, we start our nutrition programs with resting metabolic rate and body composition testing, rooted in proven scientific methodologies. We consider nutrition needs that are personal to each individual, applying the science of nutrition, because there is no one-size-fits-all in health. Through a non-diet, intuitive eating approach, clients become healthier and happier by rediscovering the fulfillment of having a centered and satisfying relationship with food.

I received my five-year bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Alberta, where I spent one year in clinical dietetic internship rotations in hospital, community and clinic settings. Post-degree, I also received the Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from the University of Calgary to better understand how and why people eat, as well as maintaining the ACSM certified personal trainer designation to involve movement for health. During my days off, you will find me deep in the Rocky Mountains rock climbing, hiking or cycling. Say hello! Get in touch by emailing me at info@eatuitivenutrition.com or check us out at https://eatuitivenutrition.com/.

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching (covered by insurance!)
Ongoing Body Composition Analysis (ex. Body Fat %, Muscle Mass)
Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (ex. Calories your body requires)
Custom Meal Plans, including grocery list, recipes and nutrition information

Registered dietitian 
BSc- Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
CBT- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Certified personal trainer 


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