Nutty Athlete Smoothie 4-Pack

For: endurance, recovery, anti-inflammatory

Ingredients: banana, spinach, almond butter, sprouted protein, turmeric, magnesium

Calories: 360  Protein: 21 grams

Our packaging is made from 100% renewable & recyclable materials. Read more on our commitment to sustainability.

We developed The Nutty Athlete, unsurprisingly, for the athletes among us, whatever level. It won't do all the hard work, but we've boosted it with sprouted protein blend (soy-free), turmeric & magnesium to support muscle building and recovery. It's also nutritionally balanced, so when our trainer tells us to eat a balance of carbs/proteins/fats within 30 minutes of our work out, we can tell them it's handled.

Suggested blending liquids: plant-based milk alternatives like coconut, cashew, oat, almond.  Coconut water & water kefir also work for more of a juice-like smoothie. If you're a cow dairy fan, try to stick to organic. 

The Nutty Athlete Smoothie Bowl Recipe

We've done the work of making your blends mega-nutrition-packed, you can turn them into a smoothie bowl and get fancy with toppings, all in two minutes. 

How-To: let pack soften partially, add smoothie to blender with 1/2 small banana or 1/2 small avocado & 1/2 cup liquid (fill @ 1/2 of pouch). Blend. Smoothie texture should be thick. Serve into a bowl or jar.

Topping Ideas:  blueberries, almond butter, hemp seeds, maca, chopped walnuts

Blended For You was developed out of a passion for helping people eat well and live healthy, energetic lives. We offer ready-to-blend (or eat) complete nutrition smoothies designed for a wide range of taste buds & health goals. Always gluten-free, plant-based, all-natural & deliciously good-for-you. Stored frozen until ready to enjoy.

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