When possible, we will work to find a solution to the late order. We follow “Make to Order” practices, meaning we always prepare orders fresh as they come in.

Depending on delivery schedules and availability, we will work to get you an emergency order.

Currently we do not have a reoccurring ordering system. You will be required to place purchase orders as needed following the ordering guidelines SOP.

You can contact our accounting team at accounting@madefoods.com. They will work with you directly to solve any issues or answer any questions.

Credit memo’s will be processed through the accounting department.

If a purchase order is submitted inaccurately, you must re-submit your purchase order. Please contact the email address below to determine next steps. Always include your purchase number for reference.


In case of a delay, you can reach out to calgarywarehouse@madefoods.com and info@madefoods.com. We will investigate the situation and update you with regards to the order status. Always include both emails to ensure a response.

If a purchase order does not match your delivery the Made Foods driver will adjust the quantity delivered on both purchase orders and sign off on the correction. Accounting will then adjust the credit on account to correct the issue.

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