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Let me first off start by saying I love good food! So studying nutrition, and getting to make food my career seemed like a natural fit. My education has given me the tools to apply the principles of food, nutrition and health to promoting the well-being of individuals. I really value balance and quality without deprivation when it comes to food. For myself this looks like finding the harmony between getting enough vegetables and fibre with a love of wine and southern BBQ. With the philosophy of balance and quality, many of my clients have had success reaching their goals and not even realized they were eating healthy!

My specialties are weight loss, weight management and all things healthy eating. I have had clients in all stages of life (20’s - 70’s). Many of which have differing health goals, from looking great for a tropical vacation to dealing with medical conditions that impact diet.

I love the differing challenges of helping clients to reach their individual goals through sustainable changes and would love the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch by emailing me at Kaitlyn.nutrition@madefoods.com

Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition, with a Specialization in Dietetics
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

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