Repair Cleanse: 3 day

Our NEW 3 day Repair Cleanse is great on its own or after doing one of our other 2 cleanses. This cleanse comes with 3 meals and 2 juices a day and is great for improving overall gut health, reducing toxins, bloating and adding healthy bacteria back into your system.

For each day of cleansing you will get the following, to be consumed in the order below:
#1 Well Cayenne Lemonade
Filtered water, lemon juice, beet juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper

#2 Yogurt Parfait
Nut free granola, yogurt, hascup berries and honey

#3 Sockeye Salmon & Greens
Grilled sockeye salmon over our Mixed Greens Salad with preserved lemon vinaigrette

#4 Well Charcoal Lemonade
Filtered water, lemon juice, coconut nectar, activated charcoal

#5 Bone Broth and Fermented Foods
500ml of our housemade bone broth and snack sized kimchi and pickled vegetables

Take each juice and/or meal 2-3 hours apart, starting right when you wake up and the last item at least 2 hours before bed. Further cleansing how-to’s, tips & tricks will be delivered with your package!